The mission of Automation Troubleshooters is to positively impact the production levels of our customers by providing needed diagnostic expertise, as well as innovative applications of proven technology, without compromising the inherent need of todays manufacturers to incorporate the most timely and cost efficient solutions.

At Automation Troubleshooters our name says it all. Well, most of it, anyway. We are geared to serious troubleshooting of industrial automation equipment. We are industrial electronics specialists. This includes AC and DC adjustable drives, PLC and motion control systems. When you call Automation Troubleshooters you will not get a sales engineer, nor will you get a poorly equipped technician with a narrow scope of experience. What you will get is a highly skilled engineer / technician with over 22 years experience, well equipped to analyze the complex problems that occur with sophisticated production equipment. We have an extensive manufacturing background, and are sensitive to stringent production demands. This is why we have geared ourselves to solving tough problems, on site:

Intermittent malfunctions

Poor power quality related failures

Malfunctions resulting from improper installations


Design flaws

Outdated engineering

Problems of mechanical origin

Standard equipment breakdowns

Maintenance issues