Just how critical is your production, anyway?

You’ve seen them flashing by news snippets, sports scores, weather reports, and flight updates – dynamic, multicolor LED displays, known as “Silent Radio”. Imagine if you could use displays like these, in front of each of your manufacturing lines, to display crucial, real time, shift related, production data – up time, down time, running rate, % loading, % efficiency, units produced, current status, maintenance calls, diagnostics, etc. Imagine seeing data that has been accumulated and averaged out over a shift. What if this collection of data was automatically reset at the beginning of each production shift, but allowed you to view a summation from the previous shift. Consider the impact that such displays would have on your productivity. Just a glance across the production floor would enable any manager, supervisor, or even operator to identify the lines that need the most attention. Now everybody can see problems as they unfold, instead of a handful of managers studying the problems after they've run their course for a day or more.


One centrally located sign could alert all concerned personal to the failure of any crucial auxiliary equipment (compressors, chillers, driers, heating systems, vacuum loaders, etc.) before the problem manifests quality problems, sustained plant shutdown, or equipment damage.


If any of this sounds valuable to you, feel to contact us and express your interest. We can discuss your needs for data acquisition/display and customize a system for your facility.